Circo Cinema

Every Wednesday we turn our building into a cinema showcasing various movies with a different theme each month. During July, we will be screening our favorite Navy & Marine movies. You can find more information by clicking Here. Contact us on 01225 585 100 to book your seats as space is limited.


03.07.19, 7pm - Dunkirk, 9.30pm - Pearl Harbor, 12.00am - Men Of Honor

10.07.19, 7pm - The Hunt for Red October, 9.30pm - Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, 12.00am - The Abyss

17.07.19, 7pm - A Few Good Men, 9.30pm - An Officer And A Gentleman, 12.00am - G.I. Jane

24.07.19, 7pm - Master And Commander, 9.30pm - Pirates Of The Caribbean

31.07.19, 7pm - USS Indianapolis, 9.30pm - Captain Philips, 12.00am - Crimson Tide  


Come back regularly to see our lineup for each month

August: India

September: Gangster month

October: Foreign Horror

November: Mexican Fiesta

December: Angels and Demons


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